Value Deco must be the best at supplying the packaging solutions to the customer’s needs and requirements. We have made it easy and safe for you to handle the flower and plant pots with the right and add-valued packaging solutions. For Value Deco, packaging is not just the wraps and pallets, but an important part of the whole service that we offer. Everything that we develop for you, we develop for you exclusively. A wide selection of appealing package with which you can deal perfectly in terms of logistics will be offered for you.

– Loose packing in master carton (on pallet)

– Loose packing in inner box,in master carton (on pallet)

– Egg packing on pallet

– Egg packing in master carton (on pallet)

– Carton tray on pallet

– Carton tray in master carton  (on pallet)

– Plastic tray on pallet

– Plastic tray in master carton (on pallet)

– Products in inner box, in master carton (on pallet)

– Products in poly foam box,in master carton (on pallet)


Special Add-Ons

In addition to various packaging solutions, we also offer all kinds of labels, promotional display, easy carry-home solutions for the flower and plant pots.