Who we are

Value Deco is a worldwide designer and supplier of pottery and decorations for the plants-flower-floricultures and home decoration business. Our products are delivered to more than 26 countries with good reputation. With Value Deco by your side, you will increase the value of your final product. This is ensured by our 24/7 service throughout designing, realizing, producing and delivering client-specific flower and plant pots in various materials. Therefore, we can guarantee you the following:

– Customized & upgraded solution

– Prompt delivery & thorough service

– A timeless basics collection and an extensive trendy collection

– Excellent value for money

– A happy & satisfied end user 

In a word, with our value added service, you can get higher margin on your products while satisfying your end consumers. We’d like to meet you someday and welcome you as a new partner of our company.

Value Deco is waiting to create a more beautiful green world with you!